Torrents Slow or Not Downloading? READ HERE

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Torrents Slow or Not Downloading? READ HERE

Post by Crusisx on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:14 pm

Hello, first off be sure to be using Utorrent or Bitorrent you can use Vuze however that is more confusing and less use friendly.
To increase your download speed were going to do a few tweaks
1st tweak is were going to increase the limitations on how many peers are connected per torrent and how many peers are connected total of all torrents in all. To do this simply go to utorrent/bittorent > options > preferences > bandwidth now under "Number of Connections" change your settings "Global maximum number of connections" set that to "500" and "Maximum number of peers connected per torrent" set that to "200" and lastly "Number of upload slots per torrent" set that to either "4 or 5"
click ok when done.

2nd tweak we will be adding updated trackers to your desired torrent to do this go to utorrent and right click on a torrent you are downloading and scroll down and click properties on the "General tab" there will be a list of trackers at the bottom such as...





When adding new trackers be sure to include a enter space like this

Example tracker

Example tracker 2

Then click ok.

For a tracker list that is up to date visit Tracker List

For help see the gif image below guiding you on what to do.


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