How to download and install software?

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How to download and install software? Empty How to download and install software?

Post by Crusisx on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:14 pm

Well you will want to have a few things, I will go down a list of programs you will need.

Daemon Tools Lite

WinRAR and 7zip are both very good archiving programs, I personally like and use WinRAR but it is up to you whether you want one or the other, aside from that, both 7zip and WinRAR can extract many different file types, such as .zip .rar .iso .jar ect and so forth.

Daemon Tools Lite is very useful mounting software, versus wasting DVD, CD Roms, burning an image onto the Disk and then Putting the disc in your system disc tray. Daemon Tools Lite goes a step further, it can create about 5-7 Drives, which then can be used to mount game images, software images ect. Upon mounting it acts like a Installation disc giving you the option to run the installer.

Utorrent is a very tiny light weight bitorrent program that downloads .torrent files or magnet links, which if the proper torrent has enough seeders odds are you will get a faster downloading versus few seeds and more leachers, although having alot of leachers and a few seeders can be good to.

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