AC - MW3 Elite Clan Tag Editor V3.3

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AC - MW3 Elite Clan Tag Editor V3.3 Empty AC - MW3 Elite Clan Tag Editor V3.3

Post by Crusisx on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:36 pm


Virus Scan

This Clan Tag Editor Only Works With Steam

Faster Sharecash Download Tutorial
Step1. Make a new fresh email I prefer Aol because it does not require a phone number like most
Step2. Once you have created a new email you will use it for a survey of your choosing
Step3. Provide a real Address is asked this will ensure a 100% download trust me it works
Step4. Also Helps to clear your cache once and a while, to do that I would recommend CCleaner as it not only clears internet cache also computer cache as well
Step5. Install CCleaner if you want and click analyze, close all internet browsers when doing this, once analysis is done, click Run CCleaner, again make sure all browsers are closed
Step6. Once it has Cleaned out your cache you are ready to start downloading from Sharecash
Step7. Also turn of and Adblocking software/plugins/extensions ect.
Step8. Use internet explorer as it is very successful with sharecash why this is I have no clue
Step9. Do a survey with a real address and your new email you have made, upon almost clicking to the second page you will notice that there will be a Popup noise or some yellow blinking, this is indicating that your download is ready, go to where the blinking is and when asked to leave the page do so, then a popup will come up asking to run or save the file click save and save it somewhere.
Step10. Extract your download or run if a exe, torrent ect.


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